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Hello my finance-savvy friend! Welcome to my personal finance blog. Stella here, or better known as MPC from my fashion blog Ma Petite Chou (please visit if you are a fashion fan too :). Personal finance is one of the interests that I am extremely passionately about. I love reading about finance and talking about it with anyone who is also interested. Usually my husband and my parents. But they can only take so much rambling from me. So I need an outlet for me to put my thoughts down and share with more people. This blog is effectively my musings on personal finance, which is a vast subject. I’ll be talking about financial goals, financial planning, saving money, investing, relationships affected by money…gosh there is just so much to talk about. I want to keep it light and real and non-boring. I hope we will have lots of fun here and learn a few things or two.

Friends, please send me suggestions, advice, tips, questions, ideas, etc at mapetitechou88 at gmail.com! I love getting e-mails.

Here’s a little info about me:
I live in Ontario, Canada. I am extremely blessed to have a husband and two beautiful children, age 5 and 2. I work in the high-tech industry. I love traveling, reading, shopping, playing with my kids, listening to my son playing piano and my daughter reciting Chinese poetry, watching horror movies with my guy.


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