Friends who are more frugal than us

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If you think my husband and I are very frugal, you should meet our friends Sophie and Gary. They also work in the high tech industry. Gary is a software architect and Sophie is a senior software engineer. As you can imagine, they make very good money. I’d wager it’s upwards of $250,000 a year between the two of them. But they are probably the most frugal couple I know. They live in a modest 2000 square foot house. There are people we know who make way less than that live in much bigger houses. They drive two old Toyota Corolla and VW Golf. The Golf has over 300,000KM on it already. I don’t think they have any plans of upgrading to new vehicles anytime soon. Their two boys, age 5 and 7, are so well-behaved and not spoiled with fancy toys or iPads or gaming consoles.

Gary doesn’t seem to have any expensive hobbies. He’s learning to play the saxophone, which I think is fantastic. Any musical endeavors are a plus in my book and I totally support that in my family too. My husband plays the guitar and my son’s learning to play the piano. Gary and Sophie are just not materialistic people. Sophie isn’t a shopaholic like me when it comes to buying clothes and shoes. She tells me she doesn’t like going to the mall at all. Although I feel justified about my spending on my fashion somewhat because I have a fashion blog which is my main hobby that I completely love.

As for vacationing, they tend to stick with the low cost kind like camping. That’s where we differ the most from them I think. Because I’m a travel bug, I am willing to spend a substantial amount on traveling to faraway places. We go to China every couple of years because I still have family there. We’ve also traveled to Europe and South America quite a few times. So there’s usually one major vacation in a year, plus a few smaller vacations like going to Mexico for a week, or going away for a long weekend. Gary and Sophie’s traveling is much more cost-efficient. They just pack up the kids and drive. When you don’t have to pay for airfare and hotel for 4 people for a week or two, you definitely can save a lot of money. We just got back from a week of cruise to the Caribbeans. Sophie was asking how it was and if it was worth it. They have never been on a cruise so she was curious. I told her it was awesome. But I think she is skeptical about spending that much money in a week. In the same vein, they are also skeptical about tropical vacations in Mexico and similar places. We totally love beach vacations.

I was talking about how it’s hard for us to save money in the summer in my previous post because we tend to travel quite a bit in the summer. We love it and don’t regret any of it. But if you are like my friends Gary and Sophie, you know this is an area where you can either spend a lot or save a lot.

They are great friends and such simple people that they serve a good example to me on being frugal and finding little pleasures in simple things. I think they must be socking away so much that they can probably retire early, which is pretty inspiring because that’s my goal.

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