I need to stop buying makeup and nail polish for a long time

Posted by mapetitechou on May 8, 2015 in spending less |

So being a girly girl and a fashion lover, it’s natural that I love makeup too. Every time I go to the drugstore, I browse the beauty isle even though it’s not the reason I’m there. I don’t go on big shopping hauls, but a lot of times I just pick up a lip gloss here, a nail polish there, a mascara here and a brush there. Overtime, that definitely adds up.

So the other day, I re-organized my makeup drawer and I was astounded by how much makeup stuff i have! After purging the old expired stuff, I was still left with a lot. Just lip products and nail polishes alone were just a ridiculous amount. I could probably count the times I actually used a lipstick on one hand. And a lot of these shades are so similar that I told myself that I’m not allowed to buy any more. So I have a promise to myself — no more buying new lip products and nail polishes for at least 5 months. It’s just wasteful that I have so much already but I kept on buying. And obviously that goes against my financial goals. And you know, makeup can be expensive too. Last year, I put myself on an eyeshadow shopping ban because I had so many eye palettes already. And really I don’t wear eyeshadows that often. I’m more of a lip girl.

I’m much better with skincare stuff than makeup stuff. I have a pretty regular skincare routine. I pretty use the same faithful products all the time because they work for me, so I just use them up and then re-stock. Unless I try new stuff then I don’t like it, waste could happen. But normally speaking, not a lot of waste there. With makeup, there’s always a favorite lipstick of the moment, then a week later I want a new one. It’s a fickle love affair, haha.

Any of you girls out there have this problem? Do you put yourself on a shopping diet for makeup too?

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