Summer’s hard on the dollar

Posted by mapetitechou on May 9, 2015 in lifestyle, spending

Now that the summer’s here, I find it’s not as easy to save money in the summer. I’m not complaining or making excuses for myself here. I’m still keeping my eye on our financial goals. I’m just sharing what our spending usually looks life in the summer. I find my saving rate dips quite a bit in the summer.

We definitely like to be out and about, do all kinds of activities in the summer. And we usually have at least one getaway trip. This month we are going on a Caribbean cruise for week in May (Norwegian Getaway here we come!). And in July, we are going to Newfoundland for my sister-in-law’s son’s wedding for 8 days. Believe it or not, it’s quite expensive to travel to Newfoundland from Ontario even though it’s only a 3-hour plane ride away. Airfare, car rental, hotel, wedding expenses, it all adds up. It’s actually going to be expensive our cruise trip. Traveling is not cheap generally speaking. For the last couple months, our expenses seemed to have gone twice as much.

Also in the summer, I’d like to fill the weekends with fun activities for the kids and adults. We don’t usually do anything overly expensive, but it still adds up. We like going to African Lion Safari at least twice. The kids love that zoo. Just admissions alone set me back $200 each time. And we like to go to amusement parks and water parks. And we love going to the beach with friends. That’s usually a day trip. We’ll bring a portable BBQ and lots of good eats.

We also like to host dinner parties and BBQs for our family and friends. Now we don’t go crazy and pull out all the stops, but to throw a good party, I need to spend some money. That kind of expenses add up too.

This summer we also want to take the kids camping for the first time. That’ll be a long weekend trip. We’ll need to get some camping equipment.

Do you find yourself in similar situations in the summer? I mean I’m not wasting money. I think things like traveling and getting together with friends is time and money well-spent. I am willing to sacrifice my saving rate a little bit to have a lot of fun.

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