Posted by mapetitechou on Feb 19, 2015 in Uncategorized

Welcome to my new blog! If you clicked from my fashion blog Ma Petite Chou to get here, thank you so much for reading my fashion blog and thank you giving this new personal finance blog a try. And if you simply randomly landed on this blog, thank you for visiting and I hope you stay for a while.

As I said in my introduction on Ma Petite Chou, personal finance is one of my interests that I’m passionate about. I will talk to anyone who will chat about it with me. I’m interested in all aspects of personal finance, from savings, debts, looking for deals, to investing, financial planning, taxes, relationship and finances, etc. It is such a vast subject, there is just so much to learn about it. I love reading finance books and blogs. Business and Financial sections are the first ones that I jump to when I read a newspaper. I would like to share my daily musings with you. Let us keep it fun and light and informative. So please stay tuned.


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